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Company "TEHNI S.A." was established in Xanthi on1988 from Aristides Pantelos.
With a steady upwards course, the company managed to extend its activities by establishing facilities with a total area of 20.000 square meters, where today takes place the construction of Doors, Panels from Aluminum and PVC, and Anti-mosquito systems.
Through a program of continuous investments TEHNI managed in the last years to establish itself in the Greek market as the topmost and the quickest evolving enterprise, in the aluminum sector.
TEHNI maintains a contemporary automated production line with Laser metal cutting machine, a robotic glass cutting machine, an electrical CNC pantograph, paint shop of Sublichromia, for wood colors and 2 Powder Coating paint shops.

More than 1200 door designs and panels from aluminum or PVC. TEHNI SA provides original and traditional creations that cover every manufacturing and aesthetic demand.
Available in hundreds shades of RAL and Wood with Qualicoat certifications.
TEHNI SA has internationally accredited quality certifications from the European Institutes.
Our certifications are concerted and provided by the official bodies of Germany, France and Italy.
The innovative Systems for domestic entry doors are the standard in the Greek and International markets.

The people of TEHNI SA are the biggest capital and there is continuously investing in the training and specialization of its people.
TEHNI SA employs more than 100 people.
The University education graduates, Engineers and Economists, represent 20% of the total employees.